Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Greenleaf Way Artist, age 8
front of leaf
Line drawing of a leaf


  • two pieces of white paper, approximately 17" x 22"
  • a real leaf, or a line drawing of a leaf, to use as a reference for drawing your leaf
  • Note: I made a "master" leaf and traced copies (placing on window) so I could make more than one leaf mobile
  • pencil and black sharpie
  • yellow, orange, white and burnt sienna (brown) tempera or acrylic paint
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • craft stuffing
  • single hole punch
  • a few strands of raffia
  • small suction cup window hanger

1. Using a pencil, draw a huge leaf at least 16" x 20" on one piece of the white paper. Be sure to include all the veins.

2. Outline the leaf and veins with a black sharpie.

3. Staple this sheet to the second piece of paper and cut out both leaves.

4. Paint the second piece of paper (the one without the veins) using a mixture of dark and light oranges. Be sure you paint the outside of the leaf (vs. the inside) ~ this will be the side that faces out and matches the front side with the veins.

5. Paint the front side of the leaf using yellow, orange, white; work in a little brown here and there too.

6. Paint the stem brown.

7. Hot glue the two leaves together leaving an opening wide enough for you to put in the stuffing.

8. After all the stuffing is in, hot glue the leaf shut.

9. Using the hole punch, put in the hole at the top and tie through the raffia.

10. Hang up and enjoy!  

Tracing so can make multiple copies for more mobiles

Greenleaf Way Artist, age 8, creating!



Monday, 8 October 2012



BFK Reeves printmaking paper, 15" x 15" is a good size, ripped not cut                    
a leaf collected and/or a line drawing of a favorite leaf

This is a perfect time of year to be outdoors and enjoy nature!  Leaf collecting and searching for different types of leaves and different colors is great fun.  Choose one leaf to use for this project ~ it might be the shape or the colors that you like the best about the leaf you choose.

One Greenleaf Way Studio artist chose a maple leaf.  He also used a line drawing of one as a reference.  Really look at your leaf and notice what shape it is, whether or not the edges are smooth or "toothed" and how the veins fit into the total shape of the leaf.  Do you see any symmetry in your leaf?

Draw your leaf onto the paper in pencil.

Decide what color pastels you want to put down first, second, and so forth.  This artist decided to work from light to dark, and so started with an overall application of yellow and then worked in the oranges and the reds. Some of the pastel dust surrounded the leaf on the paper and he just added a little bit more yellow, and using a napkin, smudged in a soft and light background.   He finished it off with some yellow highlights here and there and a nice, crisp black outline.  Voila!

15" x 15"
Pastel on BFK Reeves paper
Greenleaf Way Artist, Age 9
"Deep Into Autumn"
5" x 7"
Pastel on BFK Reeves paper
Greenleaf Way Artist, ageless :)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

October 6, 2012

What a beautiful autumn day as Madre and Padre took me to the Farmers Market for the second time.  This time I did not bark at all!  :)  And I participated in my first walk for a cause, it was in support of the special human-animal bond and how family pets can provide comfort, reassurance and healing to adult and child survivors.  Wow, what great experience for me as I aspire to be a Therapy Dog when I grow up!  It was very cool to be part of it all and I even got a purple T-Shirt to match the purple bag given to me by Auntie Ann!  I hope you like my photos!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cucciolo's Cronicles


Cucciolo's Chronicles

Hello everyone!  My name is Cucciolo Maria McHugh Redlefsen, Keltic's Living the Dream!  Many of you know me already.  I do have a facebook page, Cucciolo's Cronicles, where you can see under "Born" more about my life.  There are also other photos of people I have met and places I have been.  Madre is not sure that she is going to keep the facebook as some things are not quite working correctly, so we are going to try a blog.  This is fun!

Anyway, today I want to tell you that I am feline much better after picking up a bug at the Tallmadge Puppy Match 9-30-12.  Madre  and Padre had quite the scare and took me to the vet's Tuesday morning.  I am much better now!  I can tell you it is NO fun being sick to one's tummy, upchucking and have potty problems!  

Today Madre gave me a good brushing and we went for a nice long walk.  I hated the hot weather we had this summer and I LOVE these autumn days!

I am going to post my blog now, if it works, I might become a blogger instead of a fb puppy!