Sunday, 17 August 2014


Summer 2014 Greenleaf Way Studio Artists!

Well, while a lot of kiddos use their summer vacations to do lots of other things, it amazed me that everyone still came for lessons in addition to all the other activities they explored!  We had a very fruitful summer!  Here is just some of the art created by Oliviana, Lauren, Lucas and Jonah.  Marie has her separate "show" ~ see her folder/link.  I am so impressed with the variety of art created!  Enjoy "the show!"

"The Two Poplars"
18" x 24"
Oil on Canvas by Oliviana

Oliviana painting "Two Poplars"

"Wonder Tunnel"
6" x 2 1/2" x 4 1/2"
Clay sculpture by Oliviana

Oliviana creating "Wonder Tunnel"

"The Artist Craft Cat"
18" x 22"
Acrylic on canvas by Lauren
Lauren creating"Artist Craft Cat'

"The Down Under Journey ~ Thinking of Aboriginal Art"
9 1/2" x 9 1/2"
India Ink and watercolor on BFK Reeves 100% cotton paper by Lauren

Note:  this work was one of six selected to be mounted and exhibited at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Westerville, Ohio.  Currently on exhibit there ~  CONGRATS LAUREN!

Lauren creating "The Down Under Journey"
"Comfortably Numb"
8 1/2 " x 11"
Pencil on notebook paper by Lucas
"Comfortably Numb"
Digital art based upon original pencil drawing by Lucas
Lucas creating his drawing

Detail from:  Untitled as of now, work in progress
12" x 12"
Pencil on canvas by Jonah
Jonah drawing the above


Introducing Greenleaf Artist Marie!

This past summer we welcomed Marie to the studio!  Marie is 8 years old and starting the third grade this fall.  Marie loves to draw and her goal was to add more details to things that she creates.  We set about learning some basic "artist tools of the trade" that she could put into her "toolbox" to use.  Color mixing, value, direct observation of the subject, contour drawing, paint application and use of different brushes, different surfaces (canvas, wood, BFK Reeves 100% cotton paper), painting, collage and clay work ~  all experimented with and with great success! Over the summer Marie created 7 projects ~ here they are!  Enjoy!  Great job Marie!

"Happy Sunflower'
12" x 14"
Acrylic on canvas
Creating "Happy Sunflower"
"Sunny Side"
Two picket fences
each panel 23 1/2" x 4" x 1/3"
Acrylic on wood
Creating "Sunny Side"

17" x 22"

Creating "Swimmer"
Creating "Swimmer"

This is a sensory poem written in response to "Swimmer"
"Red Beauty"
1 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 2 1/2"
Clay sculpture

4 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 1 1/4"
Clay sculpture
Creating "Stripey"
"Sandflower the Sand Dollar"
10" x 10"
India Ink on BFK Reeves 100% cotton paper

Creating "Sandflower the Sand Dollar"

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


"Healing Pink Butterfly"
Cards With a Healing Message!
By Lauren Marsh

Lauren loves printmaking.  One of our recent projects was making a series of butterfly monoprints on card stock paper and turning them into greeting cards that carry a hopeful, cheerful, thoughtful, and joyful message to someone.  Each card is hand printed one at a time by Lauren, so each card has it's own unique "personality!" These cards are truly a labor of love for Lauren, who wants to make a contribution to the community in which she lives and to make beautiful art that people can enjoy!  The proceeds of these cards go to the Mary Grace Memorial Foundation and to the Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

We think Lauren has surpassed her wishes!  She hopes you like her cards!

Card with no bow

Card with a pink cancer bow

Card size is 4 3/4" x 6 1/2"
Inside of card is blank
A small paper insert is included that explains the symbolism of "pink," "healing," and "butterfly"
Price:  $3.50 each or five cards for $15
Cards are available with or without the pink cancer bow
If cards are not hand delivered a shipping and handling fee will apply for mailing

About the artist… Lauren Marsh

      Lauren is a gifted artist who has been enjoying art all her life.  Currently in her 20s, Lauren has studied art privately under the direction of professional Teaching Artist, Anitra Redlefsen, M.S., for many years.  Cognitively challenged since she was very young, Lauren has been able to overcome many obstacles by expressing her thoughts and feelings through the world of art.  Her passion for art is diverse, with a wide range of abilities and talents.  She enjoys a variety of styles, including still life, animals, landscapes and abstract compositions.  Lauren has completed commission pieces and has had her artwork exhibited in the VSA Ohio annual juried exhibition for the past 5 years.  Of her art, she says:  “I make art because it makes me feel happy and proud.  I hope you like my art!”

If you would like to contact Lauren, or purchase her Healing Pink Butterfly cards, email
Lauren donates the proceeds of her cards to local charities, including the Mary Grace Memorial Foundation
 and the Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities.
Generous project support provided by 


Friday, 31 January 2014

Zentangle Anyone?

Zentangle Anyone?
 A Zentangle is a miniature abstract work of art created by a collection of patterns.  It is done on a 3 ½” x 3 ½” paper “tile” using a pencil and a black pen.  The small size allows for a work of art that can be completed in a relatively short period of time.  The “zen” part of it is that it can be a very relaxing and meditative experience.  The creators of the Zentangle, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, have created a variety of patterns that you will see used by those who Zentangle.  However, these are not a pre-requisite as artists are invited to make whatever pattern feels right and that pleases them.  The size of the artwork actually can be any size (they just refer to it by a slightly different name) and color can be added as well.  I have just started to experiment with this process and am learning what kinds of patterns tend to work in different spaces.  I invited my Greenleaf Way students to give this art a try, and oh my, did they ever take off!  They are waaaaay better at this than I am, but I am learning!

Just wanted to share what we are doing so far ~  more to come as we grow in this new art making process!

We invite you to give it a go as well!  Here are some “basics” to get you started!

 1. You can use any size paper you like, but I do think a square is a good idea.

2. If you can, use a nice quality paper.  Zentanglers use an Italian paper called Tiepolo by Fabriano;  my students and I have been using the BFK Reeves 100% cotton paper.

3. Use a black pen that has a fine tip;  Zentanglers use Pigma Micron 01, 0.25 mm.  If you visit an art or craft store you most likely will find a “Zentangle” area that has a selection of papers and different pens. We have been using a Pentel EnerGel 0.7mm metal point pen and also a Pilot Razorpoint Extra Fine pen.

4. Using a pencil, put a small dot in the each of the corners of your paper.

5. Connect the dots with a line, not necessarily a straight one though.

6. Using the pencil, sort of “scribble” in some lines, going this way and that, until you have created several spaces on the paper.

7. Using your black pen, create a different pattern in each one of the spaces that you have drawn with your pencil.

The four dots, connect the dots, draw spaces, fill spaces in with a variety of designs.

8. If you like, do some shading with a pencil.

9. Zentanglers create a signature of sorts, most use initials, and put these in the bottom right hand corner of their Zentangle.  You can also give your work a title and date on the back.
One of my first Zentangles!
"A Valentine Delight"
8" x 8"
Pen on BFK Reeves paper, 2014
Note my initials in the lower right hand corner

Title and date on the back of the art work
 One thing that I noticed is that when you follow a curved line with your pattern you can see how it gets bigger or smaller as you follow the curve.  It gives the pattern a sense of perspective and 3-D ness.

You can Google Zentangle and see tons of great art and patterns!
Putting two or more together in a grouping is fun too!  Here are three of my Zentangles, I played around with arranging them together.


Another idea is to draw an object ~ anything ~ a flower, an animal, even your name ~ and proceed to create the spaces as described above and do the patterns within the spaces.  You will see that as well if you do a Google search. 
Your local library will most likely have books on this topic too.  We all found that flipping through some of these books was helpful and gave us lots of ideas of patterns to create.

These are the basics, so, just go ahead and give it a go!  Let us know how it goes and send some examples if you have time!

 Happy Zentangling! 

 Again, here is what we have been doing so far in the studio.  Students are doing them at home on their own as well!  J


Lauren Zentangling in her journal

Lauren's journal Zentangle.  Lauren loves patterns and like to make up her own!

Oliviana Zentangling!

Oliviana'a butterfly Zentangle, work in progress
Check out her symmetry! 

Oliviana's valentine heart (we actually worked on ours together in the studio)
work in progress
We both like working on more than one Zentangle at a time!


Lucas Zentangling

Lucas' Hand Zentangle
work in progress
Black and white Zentangle
Same as black and white, color added