Thursday, 31 January 2013


 It is rare that in the middle of winter I should experience a creative spurt.  But alas, wonders never cease!  A couple of weeks ago I was shoveling through things in the studio and found some Artist Trading Cards (ATC’s) that I had made with my students a few years ago. ATC’s were started in 1997 by the Swiss artist M. Vänçi Stirnemann as a way for artists young and old all over the world to exchange and appreciate each other’s art.  ATC’s are of a standard size, 2.5"x 3.5" and any medium may be used to create them.  My students loved making small little pieces and we enjoyed sharing them on the studio art wall.

My initial attraction to the ATC was its small size.  An artist has to think differently when working on a small surface.  It is sort of a challenge, especially for me as I usually think and paint big. 

I began to look around the studio for materials that I could use for ATC surfaces and selected some 100% cotton printmaking paper and some scrap canvas.  I started painting them with gesso and glass beads and ripping them into 2 ½” x 3 ½” pieces.  I emptied out all my drawers and brought out glass beads, hand painted wood objects, metal pieces, ribbons, wire, hand painted papers, old paintings on paper that never went anywhere, patterned papers, buttons, and other unfinished and unused things that were sleeping deep in the depths of the studio.

I cleared off a table in The Great Dain’s Frame Shop and set up a special creation space. I gathered all my stuff and settled in.  It is here that I began to make small collage and mixed media art, 2 ½” x 3 ½” with the purpose of displaying them with magnets.  Art that could occupy a small place somewhere and be appreciated for it’s tiny-ness.  I began creating one piece works and triptych’s.  I have in two weeks created over 45 small works of art that are all delightfully different. 

Since Valentine's Day is February 14th, I made 14 magnet art pieces to offer for sale for that special day.  They are all $11.50 a piece, plus tax, and a small shipping cost will be incurred if it is to be mailed U.S. Mail.  I also have small 5” easels that can be purchased for $3 if you wish to display the art work that way vs. a magnet.  (See last photo, below.)

All art is titled and signed by me!

PS:  Look next month for the introduction of the 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" triptychs!

Magnet Art creation space

Magnet art materials
"A Trinity Flows"

"Lost In Red"

"Red Trinity"

"Consider All Things Red"
"The Kiss"


"A Balance"

"Pretty In Pink"
"Silver Trinity"

"You Have My Heart"

"Heart Felt"

"A Red Glitter"

"Red Jewel"

"Love Actually"
Artwork displayed on a 5" wood easel

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


The art work of three Greenleaf Way Special Artists has been accepted into VSA Ohio’s Accessible Expressions Ohio annual juried art show! 

VSA  Ohio (an affiliate of VSA International, program of The John F. Kennedy Center) implements programming and services that provide inclusive environments and opportunities for people with disabilities to celebrate through the arts. They advocate for accessibility and equality and are dedicated to improving the academic achievement of Ohio’s students through arts integration.  For more about the many things they do, visit their web site:

Lauren has been submitting art for the past five years and has been accepted into the show each year!  Lucas and Jonah have only recently submitted and been accepted. Last year Lucas won second place in the Youth category! This year all three of them were selected to be in the show!

There were over 150 entries this year with 75 being accepted into the show.  The Opening Ceremony is Saturday March 2 in Columbus.  After that, the tour will be divided up into smaller groups and will tour various public locations in Ohio.

Without further ado, here are Lauren’s and Jonah’s and Lucas’ artwork that will be in the show and their artists’ statements.  Truly what an honor and delight it is for them to have their art publically displayed and enjoyed by others!  YAHOO!

For more about Greenleaf Way Special Artists visit my web site:

Note: Transactions for artwork "for sale" will be handled through VSA.

Waaaaaaay to go!  J

I make art because it makes me feel happy and proud.  This year I created with two new surfaces.  First, with oil and glass beads on slate, which I titled “The Twin” because it is two pieces and reminded me of me and my twin sister, Tara. The second is with mixed media in a bound book which took a lot of time.  I like the way it stands up by itself so that people can see inside.  I would love it if they could take their time and look through the entire book to see all the different colors and textures.  It is sort of like “looking inside a person”  and taking the time to really get to know them.  I hope it inspires others to make a work of art like this one!  
"The Twin"
Diptych, 10" x 18" x 1/8" each panel
Overall size:  20" x 18"
Oil and glass beads on slate
Lauren, 2012
For sale

"Looking Inside:  160 Pages of Art"
8 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 12"
Collage and mixed media in a bound book
Lauren, 2012
Not for Sale


I am Jonah Farmer, I am thirteen years old and in the 9th grade.  I love to both sculpt and paint and like learning about what it takes to make movies. I am particularly interested in prop and special effects. In my art piece, "Phantom of the Opera" I have combined painting and sculpting (hands, teeth) into one composition in order for the viewer to more fully experience the character.  I always have an idea in my head before I start working and I use the art materials in a way that I think best tells the story that I want to tell.  I would like others to think about what the characters in my art work feel, think and do.  It is interesting.  Besides making art, I like to hunt, go to flea markets, and collect vintage toys.  I am a member of the Copley Trap Shooters and the NRA.

 "The Phantom of the Opera"
20" x 20"
Framed 24" x 24"
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
Jonah, 2012
For sale

  I am Lucas Miguel Feruito. I am thirteen years old and in the 8th grade. I love to draw and sketch and write stories too. In my art piece, “Petropolis,” I showed an imaginary underground pet world in the sewers. It’s kind of a mix between my image of Las Vegas and New York City. I start playing with an idea in my head and then let my imagination run with it and see where it takes me. This art piece represents only a small portion of the whole city of Petropolis that I envisioned. My other interests include learning about dinosaurs, paranormal phenomenon, and cats. I also have my own band with my cousins; I play bass, sitar, guitar and do lead vocals.

18" x 22"
Framed 22" x 26"
Acrylic Inks on BFK Reeves 100% cotton paper
Lucas. 2012
Not for sale

Friday, 11 January 2013



Back in the days when The Great Dain and I were first married we lived in Brunswick.  In my office, I wallpapered three walls with a floral pattern and the third with an accent stripe pattern.  I had a chair and an ottoman upholstered in the same accent stripe.   For many years that chair served as an oasis for me and our cat Spunky (1980-1991).  Oh, the tales that chair could tell about us!  Sorrows, joys, ups and downs ~ all in the cozy and safe confines of that chair.  When Spunky passed away I gave the chair to our keeshond Bo (1988-1999).  Bo loved that chair, it was her own oasis for many years.  When Bo passed away I put the chair in the attic, it had served its purpose well and I retired it.  T.G. (1998-2012) our next pet (boy cat) had his own special places that he loved.  When T.G. passed away, as you know, dear Cucciolo came into our lives and changed us forever once again!  I got the chair out of the attic and put it upstairs to await the right time to pass it along to Cucciolo.  Saturday and Sunday  January 5th and  6th we showed in Tallmadge and when we got home Sunday evening we were all very tired.  It was Cucciolo’s and my 5th time in the ring and we were both wondering if we would survive this difficult and new learning curve with showing.  It was time to have our spirits lifted and so the chair came down and was presented to Cucciolo!  She knew immediately that this was now her oasis and has now made it her own special place. 

Traditions always seem to feel right for me as they bring a wholeness and a peace in knowing that some things in life are very special and are to be cherished forever!  Three homes, three furries, who knows what the future holds for that chair….

Cucciolo in the chair!  You can barely see the cat on the right, that was Bo's cat and is now Cucciolo's.
Bo In The Chair ~ notice the cat in the background in the chair with Bo.  Cucciolo  has Bo's cat now too!
Our Bo, she was a very sweet and loyal companion!

Bo was a great girl!