Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Abstract Squares!

I often get ideas just from looking at magazines.  This idea actually came from a dish I saw and I fell in love with how simple this project can be.  This is great for students of all ages!


15" x 15" piece of BFK Reeves printmaking paper
pencil, ruler
watercolors or acrylic inks
a nice 2" mat (mat board or even paper)

Dish advertised in a magazine


  • Use a pencil for the marking and measuring
  • Measure and mark a 1 1/2" border all around the paper ~ this is to allow for matting of your artwork when done
  • Make a grid using 2" squares
  • Without a ruler, put another square inside each of the 2" squares, don't make them exactly perfect, this will give the art a casual and free feel to go with the flowing watercolors/inks
  • Using your watercolors or inks, paint each of the large and small squares
  • It is OK to view the pencil marks in this work as it sort of adds to the personality of it
  • Create a mat for your work, hang and enjoy!
    Artist:  Sydney, age 7

    Artist:  Mrs. R.

    Artist:  Oliviana, age 9


Collage Mobiles!


  • Pieces of white (or color) card stock cut into rectangles of various sizes ~ 8 1/2" x 2", 8" x 1", 7" x 1/2", etc.
  • Have maybe about 12 pieces, different sizes, can repeat some sizes too
  • A variety of painted and patterned papers ~ could have a theme ~ a season, a holiday, etc.  For our samples we chose red, white and blue for the Fourth of July
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • hot glue gun
  • ribbon or yarn like material, about 60" in length ~ you can always shorten or length it depending on how high your place is from which you will be hanging your mobile
  • paper punches ~ we used a star one


Using the glue stick, cover your rectangles with a variety of collage papers ~ mix, match and have fun! 

You can add other craft trims as well if you like ~ we added some stickers and little ribbon foo foos!

Most of us chose to do something to both sides of the rectangles since the mobile moves with air currents and can be viewed from both sides

When finished, hot glue the collage rectangles in place on your ribbon/yarn like material.

Hang up and enjoy!

We enjoyed this project so much that we plan to make some interesting ones for Autumn!