Monday, 30 January 2012

Pomegranate Photos by Anitra Redlefsen

by Anitra Redlefsen
"Pomegranates, one of the seven sacred crops mentioned in the Bible, are rich in history and symbolism. For me, it is all about this symbolism, and the color, and the taste. It is the mystery, the sensations, and the incredible complexity of this fruit that I love. As with all subjects I choose for my artwork, I invite the viewer to join me on this journey of discovery, and to experience the form, the shapes and the colors that nature so generously provides for us."
Here is a collection of some of my pomegranate photos.


Winter Snowflakes, Take Two!

by Anitra Redlefsen

After you have “passed” Cutting Snowflakes 101 (see previous Bright Idea #3, Winter Snowflakes), keep cutting out snowflakes and string them as a mobile!  Anywhere you hang it ~ or them ~ as Mr. R. and I got hooked on it and made several mobiles ~ the snowflakes are lovely and really add sparkle to the winter days!  We like to hang ours in the window, using those plastic suction hooks.  They look magical!

Use a sparkle winter white “glitter yarn” that you should be able to find at craft or fabric stores.  Lay your snowflakes (three look nice!) out on a surface and arrange them in the order you want them.  Cut a piece of glitter yarn two times the height you will be hanging them.  I chose about two times 35” = 70”.  Double the yarn, and from the bottom snowflake, feed the yarn up through each snowflake, feeding the yarn through two symmetrical (opposite) holes in each snowflake.  Pull the yarn through to the top, tie a knot at the bottom.  Tie on some shorter stands of glitter yarn, making sort of a tassel.

Hand up and enjoy! 

P.S.  I used 7” round papers to cut the snowflakes.


First Night Akron 2012

Here are photos from First Night Akron, 2012. Enjoy!