Thursday, 30 January 2014


Greta The Ground Hog

By:  Mrs. R.

Gretta the ground hog likes to take long naps in the summer sunshine.  Gretta likes to eat berries, seeds, grasses and leaves.  In the autumn, she begins to eat a lot of grasses, seeds, berries and leaves.  When her tummy is quite full, she builds herself a winter home called a den.  She makes her den deep down inside the ground. 

 When the weather gets cold, Gretta goes down into her winter home, which is cozy and warm.  She makes herself comfortable and falls asleep, taking a very, very long, winter nap.

 Gretta wakes up on a very special day, February 2, Groundhog Day!  She shakes the sleep from her big, brown eyes, stretches, and peeks her head outside of her den.  “Humm…”   Grettta thinks, “Still pretty chilly out here.”  But she has a job to do.  For it is Gretta’s job each year to let everyone know if there is going to be six more weeks of winter.  Or not.

 So, Gretta stands up, nice and tall, and looks for her shadow.  The legend is that if she sees her shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter.

When Gretta is done looking for her shadow, she returns to her den and begins to prepare for her spring leaving.

 When the weather is warmer, Gretta leaves her den for the open fields.  Gretta loves spring!  It is her favorite season!  She loves the warm sunshine and the gentle rains.  She finds a new, summer den.  And once again, there are lots of grasses, seeds, berries and leaves for her to enjoy!

In April or May, Gretta’s babies, which are called cubs, are born, usually about five babies, girls and boys.  The babies follow Gretta around and she shows them how to find and eat grasses, seeds, berries and leaves.  In July the babies, who are quite grown by now, make their own dens.

 Gretta is quite pleased to have some time to herself now, eating her grasses, seeds, berries and leaves.  And once again taking her long naps in the summer sunshine.   “Oh, another year has gone by,” sighs Gretta.  But she smiles a great big groundhog smile, because she really loves being Gretta the ground hog!

 The end!

Hi!  I'm Gretta!

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