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Back in the days when The Great Dain and I were first married we lived in Brunswick.  In my office, I wallpapered three walls with a floral pattern and the third with an accent stripe pattern.  I had a chair and an ottoman upholstered in the same accent stripe.   For many years that chair served as an oasis for me and our cat Spunky (1980-1991).  Oh, the tales that chair could tell about us!  Sorrows, joys, ups and downs ~ all in the cozy and safe confines of that chair.  When Spunky passed away I gave the chair to our keeshond Bo (1988-1999).  Bo loved that chair, it was her own oasis for many years.  When Bo passed away I put the chair in the attic, it had served its purpose well and I retired it.  T.G. (1998-2012) our next pet (boy cat) had his own special places that he loved.  When T.G. passed away, as you know, dear Cucciolo came into our lives and changed us forever once again!  I got the chair out of the attic and put it upstairs to await the right time to pass it along to Cucciolo.  Saturday and Sunday  January 5th and  6th we showed in Tallmadge and when we got home Sunday evening we were all very tired.  It was Cucciolo’s and my 5th time in the ring and we were both wondering if we would survive this difficult and new learning curve with showing.  It was time to have our spirits lifted and so the chair came down and was presented to Cucciolo!  She knew immediately that this was now her oasis and has now made it her own special place. 

Traditions always seem to feel right for me as they bring a wholeness and a peace in knowing that some things in life are very special and are to be cherished forever!  Three homes, three furries, who knows what the future holds for that chair….

Cucciolo in the chair!  You can barely see the cat on the right, that was Bo's cat and is now Cucciolo's.
Bo In The Chair ~ notice the cat in the background in the chair with Bo.  Cucciolo  has Bo's cat now too!
Our Bo, she was a very sweet and loyal companion!

Bo was a great girl!

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